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We currently have a promotion on Prof. Tan Liong Tong's book "Financial Accounting & Reporting in Malaysia" Volumes 1 & 2, 3rd edition. Each volume is now RM49, with a set at RM90.

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Subject Lecturers Name
F1 Mr. Edgar J. De Souza
F2 Sunita Kaur Gill
F3 Sunita Kaur Gill
F4 Mr. Edgar J. De Souza
F5 Mr. Raj Mani Rao
F6 Siva Nair / Ms. Kok Fong Hun
F7 Ms. Lydia Francis
F8 Jay, FCCA
F9 Raj Mani Rao / Oviyan
P1 Jay, FCCA
P2 Ms. Lydia Francis (Standards) & Hari Ramulu (Consol.)
P3 Ms. Wong Siew Choo
P4 Mr. Jeremy French
P5 Mr. Saleh Arshad
P6 Mr. Sivaram Nagappan
P7 Hari Ramulu

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